Youth Contest

National Plott Hound Association
This contest is to help get children involved in the hound sports, with our favorite breed the Plott Hound. The children who participate in this event, could very well be the leaders of our association in the future. Lets encourage them to get involved and learn at an early age that competition events can be fun!

The Youth Contest is open to all children of members, who are 16 years of age or younger.

Points are received for entering any of the following U.K.C. events:

Bench Show - 10 points
Water Race - 10 points
Field Trial - 10 points
Nite Hunt - 15 points

The child does not have to win to receive points.

Entry Forms are available by the N.P.H.A. Secretary to be filled out by an officer of the club where the event is held.

Contest begins two weeks prior to Plott Days and ends two weeks prior to Plott Days the following year.

All completed forms must be mailed (postmarked) to the secretary no later than 14 days prior to Plott Days so that all points for the participants can be totaled and the winner determined, along with a second place winner.

At the Plott Days Annual Meeting, the winners are announced and presented with a plaque. The first place winner will also receive a puppy donated by a well known Plott breeder.