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National Plott Hound Association

Founded in 1953, the National Plott Hound Association holds field, water and show events to promote better Plott Hounds and Sportsmanship.

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Breed Standards

This standard was framed for the purpose of furnishing suggestions for breeding to the breeders in their aims towards improving the breed to higher ideals in their breeding, to try and establish a nationwide breed of this particular hound strain of bloodlines to look alike and to have a universal conformation.

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About the NPHA

The breeders, owners, & fanciers of the Plott Hound Breed have organized themselves and affiliated with United Kennel Club, Inc. for the express purpose of advancing the principles of the United Kennel Club, Inc. and for the betterment of the Plott, Coon, Cat, Boar, and Bear Hound breed as a whole. › Contact Us

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Plott Days

Plott Days is a UKC Licensed Event and hosted by a different club annually. The events features many events including UKC licensed & points bench shows, field trials and water races, nite hunts and more. Other Plott Days events include bear events, a youth bench show, and much more.

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About the Plott Hound

Of the six breeds of U.K.C. registered Coonhounds, only the Plott Hound doesn't trace it's ancestry to the foxhound; and of the breeds, we can be most certain of the Plott's heritage and the men most responsible for it's development.

The ancestors of today's Plott were used for boar hunting in Germany many years ago. Johannes George Plott left his native Germany and came to this country in 1750. He brought a few wild boar hounds with him. These dogs had been bred for generations for their stamina and gameness. Plott and his family settled in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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